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Dear friends,


The resources on this website include 30+ CLT videos and ~50 CLT briefs that were custom-created by researching best-practices around the world and tailoring to our unique context. These resources have been organized into key categories so you can easily browse and find what will be most helpful to you.

We hope these resources -- developed with support from our e-Learning Group and webinar facilitators -- are useful in the extraordinary work you do every day. Please let us know what else we can do to help.

Center for Learning and Teaching

Gohar Ayub - Manager

Rukhsana Zia, PhD - Head, CLT

Message from Jonathan S. Addleton -  Rector, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University),  Lahore, Pakistan

"My thanks to Rukhsana Zia and Suleman Khairullah at Forman's Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) for preparing this website. These resources for remote teaching offer a variety of ideas and approaches in response to the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

My hope is that this site will be frequently accessed by Forman faculty, drawing on a variety of ideas and examples to strengthen their own teaching techniques and make them more effective. Of course, we also welcome other visitors. Already, approximately 1,500 people from more than twenty countries have accessed this website, ensuring that the resources available here are spread even more widely.

Even in a time of crisis, people can learn from each other. Viewed from this perspective, the skills and "lessons learned" from this pandemic will continue to have impact for many years yet to come."

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